International Trade

Trade makes the world go round. It fuels economies and generates millions of jobs. One important aspect of trade is the transport of goods from the manufacturing sites to the consumers. Often, products are made overseas where the labour is cheap and the raw materials are easier to acquire. Getting them into the country is a logistical challenge, especially if the volume is massive. It is just as challenging to export locally produced goods to other countries.

Several modes of transportation are available including land, sea, and air. All of them have their own pros and cons. Sometimes one is preferable over the others. There are certain cases wherein each of these will shine. As for boat haulage uk businesses tend to choose it because of the following advantages:

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Among all three, boat shipping can claim to be the most versatile mode of transport. Vessels offer various types of accommodation such that nearly every kind and size of cargo can be given the green light. This is in sharp contrast with the others. For example, air travel tends to be the most limiting given the relatively small size of the planes. They simply cannot be asked to carry heavy and bulky items in large numbers. If you need to send over industrial equipment, bulk raw materials, and trucks, then placing them on ships is the way to go. Tons of goods can be delivered in a single trip. Of course, large land vehicles can also haul these items but only within continents with good roads.


There is also the question of cost which every business is sensitive to. The goal is always to minimise expenditure so that the products can, in turn, be sold at lower prices. Air shipping is known to be the most expensive of them all. Sure, this enables faster deliveries but the rates may be too prohibitive. If land travel is possible, then it can be a viable option. It will take longer but the goods will be safe and the rates will be reasonable. If time is not much of a concern, then it will probably best to opt for boat haulage. It is extremely efficient and affordable. There is an established system of ports throughout the world with highly tuned processes for reliability.


Lastly, boat haulage can be said to be the most eco-friendly form of transport. All of these options will have an effect on the environment but using ships tends to result in the least impact to the eco system. This is because boats burn relatively less fuel per trip and per mile compared to the others. Therefore, they produce much less greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide which is known to wreak havoc on the environment. It may not be a requirement, but minimising carbon footprint is something that many companies have begun to advocate for as part of their corporate social responsibility. Consumers appreciate the effort. Green initiatives tend to increase brand loyalty in a substantial segment of the population.